Driven by a unique fusion of natural talent, a desire to empower others and an unwavering work ethic—artist, songwriter and choreographer Ali Schwartz, lives a life devoted to music. 

Born in the Big Apple and proud of her roots, Ali’s fascination for the stage grew exponentially from a young age. Self expression through movement and dance has always been very important and Ali went on to lead her college competition dance team and still teaches today as an instructor at DivaDance—a company whose mission it is to build confidence and community in women everywhere. Ali’s daily life is dedicated to music, inclusivity, helping others, and making the people around her become the best version of themselves. 

Having released her first single back in 2019, with a sold out show to celebrate, the future looks brighter than ever. 

Always keeping her music at the forefront, Ali wrote and performed the theme song for Yelp and Entrepreneur Media’s podcast that emerged in 2020.

From big beats and high energy, to soulful and passionate vocals that spark, Ali’s music promises to be anthemic—fuel for inspiration that fans can sing out loud to and lose themselves within. Ali continues to seize the day and pour every ounce of experience, excitement, energy and pride into her music, in the hopes of bringing joy to all who listen.